Psalm 4

Both David and the sons of men are looking for something from God, but what is it? Verse 7 tells us that “they” want grain and wine (i.e. crops from Baal), and mock David when the LORD does not bring the good rain to water the crops. But there is something that gladdens the heart more than grain and wine: the countenance of God. Is there wordplay here between rain/countenance? See Proverbs 16:15 for a more direct tie.

Jesus uses the water themes in John 4 and John 7 in a similar way.

Rather than see this Psalm as borrowing from similar Baal/rain/worship texts – why not the opposite? If Yahweh worship is the original truth, then Baal worship is a perversion of that once known (and truly still known) truth. So David is not simply appropriating Baal language – he is telling us to recall the original truth and within that context to see the Baal worship/texts as misdirected. Grain and wine may satisfy physical hunger and thirst for a moment, but it cannot fill – it cannot appease or give peace. Only God’s presence can satisfy.

Hosea 2:8 spells this out: Yahweh was always there – His truth is the origin, the source. Baal worship/texts twist Yahweh’s words, not the other way around.