Psalm 27

Main question – what gives strength/sustenance?

Contrast: The wicked consume flesh, while David offers flesh as a sacrifice. The wicked violently destroy to gain control, while God provides the land of the living to those that wait.

Taking vs receiving. Who gives life?

Even if he physically faints, he will be sustained. Even if his familial connections are severed he will be secure. His connection to life is not through temporal means, but directly through the source. The house of the Lord is more important than the house of David. God’s face gives life.

Is there another connection to Adam here? The breath of life? The obedience to the command to seek God’s face (as in the garden), and the reversal of the curse in not being forsaken? (v 8,9)

Is the light in v. 1 another way of referencing the source/strength/life of God’s face – inner sustenance vs outer guidance?

(Not by bread alone, but by…)