Psalm 3

Lots of up/down language:

  • the foes rise
  • God lifts David’s head
  • David lies down
  • God is up on his holy hill
  • David lies down
  • David rose up through the Lord’s sustenance
  • Arise, oh God!

David recognizes his low stature and is lifted up by God. The foes pick themselves up by their bootstraps and are slapped down by God.

This gives insight to the hierarchy of kingly rule described in Psalm 2; the king has no strength in himself and is lifted up from above. “God’s strength is made perfect in weakness”.


Psalm 2

If Psalm 1 is the inside look, Psalm 2 is the outside. Psalm 1 encourages the true wisdom of submission, and Psalm 2 mocks the foolishness of rebellion.

What is true in heaven is true on earth… The kings “on earth” plot while the King “in heaven” laughs. The King “in heaven” reveals the true king “on earth”. The kings “of earth” are warned to submit to the the LORD’s king “on earth” because the constitutes service to the LORD “in heaven”.

Genesis connections all over the place: this hierarchy of kingship was the original intent of Adam’s stewardship on earth. Verse 8 is the fulfillment of the creation mandate. Verse 3 is the original rebellion of Adam and Eve.

Eschaton connections to Jesus’ Messianic claim and Revelation’s rule. Together with the Adamic tie, this shows the truth of creation throughout history. God is not planning/plotting/struggling – the rebels are. God is simply revealing what is and always has been true.

Recall the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.